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Writing as Eve Summers


Yvonne Walus writes thrillers, murder mysteries, crime fiction.

Eve Summers writes romance.

It's that simple.

Sweet Somethings

Love can be found anywhere: at a school reunion, on a yacht, in the library, even in your own marriage. Filled with gentle humor, champagne and an occasional dachshund puppy, these 11 love stories will make you smile and remember what Romance with a capital R is all about.

Spicy Somethings

How many ways are there to have flaming wild sex? Count them all in these 10 erotic short stories from master storyteller Eve Summers. Hot beaches? Check. Fast boats? You bet. Elevators? Shh... don’t tell.

How To Write Sex Well

This book is meant for writers. Erotica writers, romance writers, writers who are considering spicing up their thriller or literary work with a bedroom scene.It’s not a comprehensive how-to book and it won’t give you a ready step-by-step recipe. Rather, it’s a handful of rules and reflections on the topic of writing sex, and doing a good job of it.

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