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Serial Wives - Zero Zimmerman Book 1


How far would you go to protect your child?

"A satisfying read for fans of mystery

Readers' Favorite:


"As accurate as the description of this thriller is, what Serial Wives by Yvonne Walus is really about is so much more than its engaging plotline and its unexpected sub-plots. Enter the world of Constable Zero Zimmerman and the well-paid escorts, Cora and Joy, whom she encounters while searching for a heartless serial killer, and you will emerge with a much better understanding and empathy for prostitutes, and for the work of a rookie policewoman determined to solve a baffling series of murders.? 

Review by Book Junkie Mom:

This was a fast-paced, heart thumping psychological thriller. I love those! The writing was smooth, the story flowed very well and kept me pulled in from the first chapter.


There were twists I didn't see coming and turns I was excited about happening. The characters were tantalizing and the plot was nothing short of exciting. I loved the attention to detail that Walus gave this story, especially since sometimes the details can bore the reader. However, the details given were not boring but instead gave the reader a clearer and more concise picture of the environment and setting.


The creativity was great, I didn't feel like she was doing a copycat version of another book or show; fresh, new, and exciting. I can't explain enough how much I enjoyed this book (without giving away spoilers!) 

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